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Defender 300Tdi

Regular service

At 136750 km it was time for a full service. There is really not much to be said, but I will upload oil specifications and other information once I have some more time.

regular service:

I used the following oils:

Engine: Castrol Magnatec GTD 10W40
Main gearbox: Castrol AMX
Transmission: Castrol EPX 90
Diffs: Castrol EPX 90


I also changed the following filtes:

- oil
- air
- diesel fuel

And fitted an oil temperature sender unit to the sump. It's by VDO and the number for my engine sump is: 323.801/004/039 K, being M14x1.5. You need to check against your engine number!
As long as it's of a fine substance and creamy when rubbed between the fingers, this much metal is quite normal on the magnetic gearbox drain plug.
New copper washer next to cleaned gearbox drain plug.
Front brake setup.
Rear brake setup.
Well, as I said, there is really not much to say about regular service. I would always opt for better quality oil and original (OME) Land Rover replacement parts. It can't be stressed how important regualr service intervals are for the longevity of your Landy - but of course you know that :)
Thanks to:    
Lars, for helping me and making it all fun



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