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Fitting H&R wheel spacers

After having fitted rocksliders the stance of the Landy didn't look just right. I decided it had to be raised a little and that I needed wheel spacers. The spacers came first ...

Fitting wheel spacers (click on pictures to enlarge). I opted for H&R 66mm wheel spacers simply fot the reasons that they are TUV approved, which is a must in Germany. They come in pairs, so you need to order a set of two pairs. They are straight forward to fit and it should take no more than half an hour if not for the preparation of the wheel hub assembly. There's a lot of rust and grime between the wheel and the hub and if you don't remove this carefully you will get problems later on when driving (wheel whobble, the spacers might even work loose).

This is how it looked before. With the rock slider in place it all looked a bit awkward.
I cleaned the hub with a wire brush. This took quite a lot of time for all wheels.  
It's not easy to get all the dirt and rust off, but it's essential you do so.  
Nice and shiny. I smeared it very lightly with anti-seize. No wheel-whobble and nothing loose so far!.  
Spacer fitted to rear axle.  
I used 170lb on the torque wrench. Oddly enough the manufacturer doesn't give a torgue setting, so I used what LR give for the wheelnuts.  
Completely new looks!  
Top view shows the difference quite well. This is before ...  
And this is after.  


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