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Changing the broken clutch master

The clutch master cylinder was leaking and needed to be replaced. This is a very annoying job as the thing is very hard to get at. Yet, you save a lot of money doing it yourself!

Exchaning clutch master (click on pictures to enlarge)
The clutch master is located in the right upper corner, behind the white plastic reservoir of the brake servo.  
Here you can see the clutch reservoir in situ with the top plate already taken off.  
You can see lots of grime in the fluid. The cylinder was also leaking.  
This is not only annoying as you need to top up regularly, you also get serious corrosion from the aggressive clutch fluid.  
You need to undo all the screws that secure the pedal boxes to the bulkhead. This is done form the inside. Also disconnect the pipe leading to the cylinder.  
Next you push the brake and throttle assy to the side.  
And withdraw the clutch box.  
This is a bit difficult as the brake servo is in the way. Don't undo the brake pipes! Thanks Rover for this clever bit of engineering!  
Once out, undo the nuts securing the pushrod and withdraw the old cylinder.  
Here you can see the broken and leaking old cylinder. This is a common problem and should occur after about 30-40,000 km. Another clever bit of engineering!  
Clean the clutch box before fitting new cylinder as the fluid is aggressive.
The new cylinder. These aren't expensive and so you should go for OEM parts only.  
It is fitted to the box.  
And the pushrod is loosely secured.  
Now you need to refit the box to the bulkhead. Secure the brake assy and clutch assy carefully!  
Connect the pipework, adjust the pushrod properly and finally refit the cover plate.  


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