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Fitting Parabolic Springs

The Rover was still on its first set of leaf springs and they were in a sorry state. Thus, after a bit of consideration and some months of saving a set of parabolics was purchased. It's quite a bit of money since you have to get new dampers, too, as the regular ones can heat up and, rumor has it, even explode due to increased friction. Also, when you get a major job like this done, you should think of fitting polyurethane bushes throughout (chassis and springs). They last much longer and give a better ride than the standard ones. In my case I went for a set of Koni S 84 dampers, which are re-ajustable and thus, theoretically, should last a life-time, and the Polybush orange set. You also have to make sure to get new u-bolts as the standard ones may not fit the parabolics and new nuts/bolts.
There are three major manufacturers of parabolic springs. They can easily be identified by their colour. Rocky Mountain springs from Canada come in grey. Bearmach from the UK are green, and TI Console from the Netherlands sell them in blue. I don't know about Rocky Moutain, but I can not really recommend Bearmach. The eyes of their springs are narrower than usual (for whatever stupid reason), making it impossible to fit regular-sized bushes. So no Polybushes, not even the standard LR type, only Bearmach's own black rubber things! I must know because mine are BM's and it took me ages and lots of modifications to fit the springs. You may even have to get the eyes widened by a specialist company and there are (unconfirmed) stories about people who fitted the standard bushes to their Bearmach springs and the eyes burst after a while because of too much pressure.
Well, in my opinion you should go for TI Console. They are well produced, are compatible with Polybushes and regular Rover-type bushes and you can get complete sets including dampers, Polys, etc. at a very competitive price. Their service is excellent and very customer friendly. The only drawback are their shipping charges. But then you have to consider how heavy the whole lot is.

Here's how to fit them ...


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