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Fitting an air compressor

Did I need anything from the States? Well, after much thinking I got a Viair 450 air compressor. Not that I really needed it ...

Fitting an air compressor and tank (click on pictures to enlarge) The compressor was fitted in the passenger-side seatbox. So far this seems the best place to put it (in a Tdi). It can draw enough air, is relatively safe from dust and dirt and, if seatbox is properly sealed, also from water. I have not experiences any problems with heat generated by the unit. So far it hasn't overheated, also when inflating all four tires. A big thanks go out to my mate Lars for the help, for welding the stainless air tank and supplying other bits and pieces.

This is the compressor already fitted under the passenger seat in the seat box. All holes are sealed with Sikaflex sealant.
Wiring was next. Wires had to be routed from the battery under the driver's seat to the compressor and the roof console where the switch is located.  
Fuses and relay connected.  
The pressure gauge and water separator are fitted to the bulkhead.  
Air hoses lead to the compressor and air tank.  
Stainless steel airtank fitted to underside below passenger seat box. Big thanks to Lars for the welding!  
Here you can see the Viair drain plug which I also brought from the States together with a blanking plug. Much cheaper there!  
Feed line and offtage air hoses.  
On their way to the seat box.  
Which they enter here. Again, everything sealed with Sikaflex flexible sealant.  
Air connector for tire fillers and other equipment fitted next to both front seats. There is a further connector in the back loading bay.  


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